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Myriam Ramundo

Myriam Ramundo was born in Uznach, Switzerland, in 1973. Since 1998, the self-taught artist has been actively engaged in painting and regularly exhibits her work.

Her mostly abstract work captivates the liveliness thorough its textured and sculptured surface. She uses acrylic pastes, chalk, silver and gold platelets as well as acrylic paints to construct her sculpture-like pictures. Myriam Ramundo’s paintings and objects convey the artist’s light-hearted personality.

Myriam Ramundo – Vivaarte.Online-Künstlerin

*Some of the images show detailed views of the artwork, so please be sure to carefully check the size and description.

Kunstwerk von Myriam Ramundo – Madagascar. Kunst Online kaufen bei Vivaarte.Online.
Kunstwerk von Myriam Ramundo – Lebensfreude. Kunst Online kaufen bei Vivaarte.Online.
Künstler Profil

Expert opinion

Myriam Ramundo

Many of her works are a combination of pictures and sculptures. The artist loves to work with paint and palette knife as well as gold and metals. She loves “the big picture” and has created a new sculpture entitled “High Up”.


  • Gallery representations

  • Commissioned work

  • Paintings, objects, sculptures, installations

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