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Jennifer Gehr

Jennifer Gehr – Vivaarte.Online-Küstlerin

Art doesn’t need to shock – art should excite and inspire, bring people together and spark ideas.

Jennifer Gehr (*1984) is a professional oil and acrylic painter and creative book author from Flawil, St. Gallen, Switzerland. Her career began with exhibitions in galleries and art fairs in Switzerland when she was a young adult. In the summer of 2017, she opened the studio “Atelier Jennifer Gehr”.

Jennifer is mostly known for her realistic portraits. Her current collection consists of works in black and white.

*Some of the images show detailed views of the artwork, so please be sure to carefully check the size and description.


Expert Opinion

Jennifer Gehr

Her painting “Das Geheimnis” (“The Secret”), a tribute to her grandfather, was exhibited in 2019 in New York and received an award. This brought her the attention of the international media, and was featured in US television. Jennifer Gehr also regularly works together with companies that are fans of her work.


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