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Birgit Lorenz

Birgit Lorenz has mastered a wide range of techniques and fuses them into unique works of art.

Discovering the broad range of colours and natural shapes in Birgit Lorenz’s paintings is a delight to discover. Today, Birgit Lorenz is an internationally renowned painter. She is represented in galleries in various countries and by collectors in all parts of the world. Her work has been bought by public institutions and printed in various publications.

Birgit Lorenz – Vivaarte.Online-Künstlerin

*Some of the images show detailed views of the artwork, so please be sure to carefully check the size and description.

Kunstwerk von Birgit Lorenz. Auktionshaus
Künstler Profil

Expert opinion

Birgit Lorenz

Birgit Lorenz is a master of different techniques, which she applies repeatedly in the creation of her colourful works. Her compositions tell stories and transport you into a fairy-tale like world. Her paintings and other art objects often contain little amusing messages to give us food for thought. Birgit Lorenz is an renowned artist with gallery representation in many countries. Her works are highly distinctive and have received wide recognition and attention.

  • Pictures, objects, installations

  • International gallery representations

  • International trade fair representations

  • Percent-for-art projects

  • Award winner

  • Publications: miscellaneous books, catalogues

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