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Jolanda di Fede

Jolanda Di Fede paints people and experiences. However, she does not strive to create images and "paint" them as realistically as possible, explains Jolanda Di Fede. She makes visible what remains hidden from the eye of others but is essential to her without rating.  
That's why she doesn't paint portraits; they are rather caricaturistic depictions of people. She perceives a gesture or hand movement or a person's gaze, which appears in her paintings. It happens by itself.


It may well happen, adds Jolanda Di Fede, purely by chance, that the people in their  
paintings resemble the real people. Still, perhaps one recognizes oneself only by gestures, posture, or a particular striking feature.  

Her painting is to be understood symbolically. Only the interplay between different characters, as  they are positioned in the picture, through gestures or the gaze, creates a whole picture. At the same time, this creates a dynamic that seduces the observer to take a closer look at the image. The  spontaneous but often also dominant presence of individual colors has an additional narrative  function, on the one hand luring the observer into the picture and then triggering the most diverse  reactions and associations.  


Jolanda di Fede – Vivaarte.Online-Künstlerin

*Partially we show picture details of the works, please note the exact sizes of the image descriptions

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