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Tanja Strausak

Born in Russia, she lives and works in Eschlikon. In her studio at home she paints almost daily for 7 years. She completed various training courses and courses in Switzerland.


It all started with an unfulfilled desire for a painting for the living room at home. She went in search of it, unfortunately without success. Later came the idea to paint something herself. From the very beginning she was fascinated by human faces, especially the eyes. It is very important for her to show the essence of the portrayed in their beauty and vulnerability. In addition to acrylic and oil paints, she also uses volumetric pastes and rust particles in her paintings."Painting means a lot to me, I find it fascinating to play with light and shadow and create volume. Bob Ross once said, "Every day you paint is a good day." I try to have as much of that as possible and I'm getting better at it."


Tanja Strausak – Vivaarte.Online-Künstlerin

*Partially we show picture details of the works, please note the exact sizes of the image descriptions

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