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Sylvia Bühler

Sylvia Bühler uses a combination of impasto and glaze to create her representational acrylic paintings, mainly applying the Le Corbusier colour ranges and highly pigmented paint. She purposely uses pastel and oil crayon as well as coloured pencil to create dynamic movement and 3D effects.


Sylvia Bühler’s modern take on Swiss traditional painting is well-known far beyond her native Appenzellerland. The focal points are often people in traditional Appenzell costumes or in the “Groscht” of the Silvesterchlausen, or beloved animals such as goats, mountain dogs or cows during the annual cattle drives. Sylvia Bühler is most known for her modern Swiss traditional paintings. Her works can be found in prominent art collections in Switzerland and various other countries. In 2013, Sylvia Bühler was asked to design an official commemorative coin for the Swiss Confederation.

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Sylvia Bühler

Perfectly Swiss: Swiss artistry, Swiss quality and an artist who lives and works in the beautiful Appenzellerland.

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