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Susana Gaitán

Susana Gaitán was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1976. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos and completed her education with an Erasmus scholarship at CVUT in Prague, Czech Republic. She currently lives and works in Majorca.

Her work is based on humanism, viewing the universal theme of decay and death as a driver of life, human fragility and strength. It focuses on the relationship with nature and the search for balance, on what makes us human.

The representation of what is human through images of women is borne from the desire to capture a woman’s, or better yet a painter’s, view of another woman – no more and no less – and to defy any cultural expectations and inner struggle.

Susana Gaitán – Vivaarte.Online-Künstlerin

*Some of the images show detailed views of the artwork, so please be sure to carefully check the size and description.

Kunstwerk von Susana Gaitán – Atenea antes del amor. Kunst Online kaufen bei Vivaarte.Online.
Kunstwerk von Susana Gaitán – Autorretrato. Kunst Online kaufen bei Vivaarte.Online.
Kunstwerk von Susana Gaitán – Fuerza. Kunst Online kaufen bei Vivaarte.Online.
Künstler Profil


Susana Gaitán

Susana Gaitán is an artist who combines her perfect craft with unique imagery and compositions. Classic portraits of women coincide with modern elements. Her work is durable and sets itself apart from the mainstream.

  • International gallery representations

  • International trade fair representations

  • Award winner

  • Publications: Various books, catalogues, magazines

  • Commissioned works for renowned companies

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