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Monika Riethmueller


I grew up in Cologne (Germany), studied at the Gerriet Rietveld Academy of Fine and Applied Arts Amsterdam (Netherlands), graduated in 1989. I have worked for various international companies for the last 30 years and have been working as a freelance visual artist since January 2020.

"Movement, form, color and expression - these are the themes of my works. They tell visual stories without beginning, without end, which do not allow the viewer a central resting point, but always want to involve him in new, visual experiences. Without any reference to concrete ideas, the works are characterized by quasi-musical qualities and untamed dynamics. 


Titles I generally avoid because I do not want to suggest anything and thus give the viewer the opportunity to use his own imagination."

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Expert opinion

Monika Riethmueller

Open, moved and courageous. That is the motto of the artist. And that is exactly what is reflected in her works.

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