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Works of art and artists

How do you select the artworks offered on your platform?

We personally select all of our artists. We work closely with the artists to select the works which are to be sold. We curate the selection and present it in our online art gallery.

Kunstauswahl von Sabeth Holland, Sylvia Bühler, Marion Duschletta, Ute Bivona, Jennifer Gehr & viele weiteren Künstlern

Works of art and artists

Who can sell on

All of our artists are established in their home country. Our choice of artists is guided by our search for exceptional, rare and beautiful objects. We strive to present to you an interesting and varied selection of high-quality art. Learn more about our selection criteria here.


Works of art and artists

Are you an artist?

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We will respond to all applications.


Works of art and artists

Are the artworks shown also available as prints?

All artworks presented at the online art gallery are unique. They are not reproduced.

Works of art and artists

Do the artworks come with a certificate of authenticity?

All artwork sold on comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Each work of art is also hand-signed by the artist. Works which are part of an edition are numbered.

Works of art and artists

What is an edition/series?

An edition refers to an entire series of identical or similar items, such as paintings, produced or issued as a set.


Artworks and artists

Are all works on for sale?

Yes. All works are for sale. A work will be removed from the platform within 24 hours of sale.

Auswahlkriterien 1

Works of art and artists

Trust in our expertise!

We are proud to work with our artists. They have all been working as professional independent artists for several years. Their works are already being exhibited by galleries, belong to renowned collections and are being sold at auctions. Some of our artists have realised percent-for-art projects.


The team has more than 25 years of experience in the international art market and believes in high standards when it comes to selecting authentic artists.


To meet our personal standards and those of our buyers, you as an artist must meet the following conditions:


  • You have been working as an artist for more than 5 years.

  • You are represented by at least one gallery.

  • Have you been part of any percent for art projects?

  • Are any of your works on display in public buildings or as part of a renowned art collection?

  • Your artwork has been featured in art magazines, journals, papers or digital art publications.

  • We like your work!


You don’t meet all the selection criteria but you’re still convinced that your portfolio is a good fit for us? We also like to give young talents with potential an opportunity. Why not apply!


Are you an artist?

Apply now!

Would you like to present your artwork to a wide audience on Then we look forward to receiving your brief application! We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of a collaboration in a personal meeting.


Our selection criteria

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