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Valentino Prizzi

On his many journeys of discovery, Pop Art has consistently returned to the centre of his admiration. For example, how Andy Warhol fashioned a simple soup can. Or the way that Jean Michel Basquiat uses fine, almost childlike lines and surfaces to create compositional fireworks. This style has fundamentally influenced Valentino’s works.

During his career as an artist, he has been fascinated by abstract expressionism. He loves the idea of gradually reducing a painting - through playful application of colour, or working with different media, and the combination of bold and fine strokes. All this – just to trigger emotions. He feels challenged by letting go of control. And he senses a great feeling of freedom.


Valentino Prizzi – Vivaarte.Online-Künstler

*Partially we show picture details of the works, please note the exact sizes of the image descriptions

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