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Valentina Andrees

Valentina Andrees grew up in Ukraine. Today she lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. At a young age, she discovered the world of shapes and colours, through which she could express emotions on a canvas.

She primarily composes portraits of women and animals – with expressive intensity and technical clarity. The pictorial composition of light and colour lends her portraits a dramatic flair. It is not just the expressive intensity and technical clarity that fascinate the viewer, but also the emotion conveyed through her work. It is, above all, the expressiveness of her subjects’ eyes that captivate.

Valentina Andrees – Vivaarte.Online-Künstlerin

*Some of the images show detailed views of the artwork, so please be sure to carefully check the size and description.

Expert opinion

Valentina Andrees

Painting is in Valentina Andrees’ blood. With their unique charisma and lasting impression, her works really get under your skin. 

  • International gallery representations

  • International trade fair representations

  • Award winner

  • Publications: miscellaneous books, catalogues

  • Commissioned works for renowned companies

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