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Sandra Schawalder

Sandra Schawalder was born and raised in Switzerland. Her talent for drawing and painting was discovered and encouraged early. She graduated from the Arno Stern Academy in Paris and the Arsa Art School Aarau in Switzerland. As a professional Swiss artist, she is a member of the Swiss Society of Fine Artists SGBK.

She focuses on abstract color field painting and continues to express her emotions in these vibrant, rigorously constructed compositions that imply their inherent formal qualities, the essence of color and dancing lines. Sandra Schawalder's works focus on abstract fields in all forms and meanings; the fields of vitality, daydreaming, knowledge, experience and overwhelming happiness. The viewer is invited to engage with these images as a choreography of energies, unlimited in time and space.



*Partially we show picture details of the works, please note the exact sizes of the image descriptions

Expertenmeinung SusaHöhle


Sandra Schawalder

On the recent works of art by Sandra Schawalder
By Dr. Daniela U. Ball, Art Historian Switzerland

Sandra Schawalder is a sensitive woman full of empathy and works in a very concentrated way. The artist needs silence and emotional consistency to reach a state of flow, to visualize her inner images. A distinctive feature of the delicate paintings is that the viewer decides for himself the angle of view that suits him. She walks around her painting and works on it from all four sides. The results of this method are meditative, light-flooded images.
Sweeping lines applied directly from the paint tube or with Neocolor pencils or with gold leaf applied are an expression of rhythm and dance-like movement. Acrylic paints of varying densities alternate and impasto layers of sand or flour give Sandra's works depth, while white paint adds light and airiness. Sandra Schawalders works, which express calm and harmony as well as convey spherical sounds, touch the viewer deeply.

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