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Sabeth Holland

Sabeth Holland and her work form a rich, artistic whole. She is distinctive, multifaceted, strong and works internationally.

Colorfulness and diversity of form characterize Sabeth Holland's paintings, sculptures and installations. She also likes to use real gold, works in a complex and multi-layered way and preliminarily invents new forms of creation. Each of her works reflects her deeply positive way of thinking. Her track record is overwhelming.

Sabeth Holland – Vivaarte.Online-Künstlerin

*Partially we show picture details of the works, please note the exact sizes of the image descriptions

Expert opinion

Sabeth Holland

Joie de vivre, play of colors, sensual forms and behind them disciplined concept work - Sabeth Holland has managed to create a name for herself on the international scene that makes art experts rave. Be it a concept for art and construction, an oil painting or a new lovable, Sabeth Holland's independence and technical expertise are incomparable. Like no other, she always manages to surprise her ever-growing audience. For many, including us, she has long been a star in the world of art.

  • Paintings, sculptures, installations

  • International gallery representations

  • International participation in art fairs

  • Competition winner: Art and Construction

  • Word inventor: Bunthalm, Antedel, Flowerfloat and more

  • Concept work

  • International art award winner

  • Publications: Art books (also with award of the Princely Advisory Council Liechtenstein),
       catalogs, films, online portraits

Künstler Profil
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