Manuela Karin Knaut

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Manuela Karin Knaut's work reflects the artist's enthusiasm for traveling, discovering new terrain, and inevitably leaving one's comfort zone.


The often harsh reality on the streets of Johannesburg, the unexpectedly chaotic and disorderly life in the townships, the colorful diversity in the narrow streets of Accra, the unadorned, broken walls, the graffiti of the street artists of Brooklyn, the uninhibited, real life and hustle and bustle in the most diverse corners of the world: It is the imperfect, the often only temporarily graceful, that fascinates Manuela Karin Knaut and that she lets flow into her large-format image worlds.

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Expert opinion

Manuela Karin Knaut

Freedom-loving, powerful, big-thinking and networked. A great artist with great charisma.

  •     Paintings, objects, installations

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  •     Projects art on building

  •     Art award winner

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