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Keyla Flachi

Keyla Flachi is a Venezuelan-born sculptor and painter who now lives in Switzerland. She has been artistically active since early childhood. The motifs in her works come from her homeland and South American culture. Colours and forms from nature are reflected in her expressive works.


Currently, the artist is working intensively with ceramics. Her latest group of figures is so unconventionally different that you simply have to look at it. The sculptures express a lot of nostalgia and a feeling of home.

Kelya Flachi – Vivaarte.Online-Künstlerin

* In some cases, we show image excerpts from the works, please note the exact size information in the image descriptions

Keramikfigur von Kelya Flachi – Recuordos. Kunst Online kaufen bei Vivaarte.Online.
Keramikfigur von Kelya Flachi – Florece. Kunst Online kaufen bei Vivaarte.Online.
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