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Karen Hofer

Swiss sculptor Karin Hofer focuses on the human figure in her work. She uses the chainsaw as a dynamic working tool to shape the wood. Karin Hofer finds inspiration for her sculptures in everyday life. Thereby she succeeds with the nevertheless quite cumbersome tool to breathe movement and life into her works. About her work Karin Hofer says: "Since I discovered the chainsaw, I have been fascinated to work out a form as filigree as possible with the rough tool. The fast and dynamic way of working requires a high level of presence and concentration. It feels like three-dimensional sketching. I am happy when a figure transforms out of the wood." Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, as well as participation in International Sculpture Symposia speak for her success as an artist.


Karin Hofer – Vivaarte.Online-Künstlerin
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